Zip Code Runs

What is a Philly Zipcode Run - How do I run them?

In Mid April of 2020 I ran the perimeter of the zip code I live in to change up my running regiment while stuck at home. My curiosity was peaked about how many zip codes were in Philly and if i could run them all! Below is a map of Philadelphia with the 49 zip codes that can all be run!

Running this project you can see many parts of Philadelphia you may not have visited including parks, riverviews, hidden running paths, and cute side streets. You also get a sense of just how expansive, complex, and diverse Philadelphia really is.

This project has given me a new appreciation and love for Philadelphia and the sites to be seen.

I've run all the zip codes and developed routes that are mostly user friendly. The Route Links page has each zip code run and a few resources showing the route and step by step directions. There is often parking near the suggested start location.

All Routes available HERE for use!

Click on Map Picture to be taken to my STRAVA route page.

From the Strava page you can "Export GPX" to Google Maps if you prefer to have the route there to follow. THIS page will explain how to do that.

Click on Text Zip Code underneath to be taken to PDF of map and route breakdown.

All routes were based on Google Maps breakdown of zip codes. Liberties were taken as some zip code borders are on trail tracks, rivers, creeks, or through airports, private properties, or cemeteries.

Most routes outside of Center City start and end near convenient parking locations.

DISCLAIMER: Runners should use discretion on all runs. Some routes cross major roads, run along major highways, and may not have paths or sidewalks. Follow all traffic laws and use caution during runs.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.